The Montebello gates were imported from England in the early 1800’s. Forming part of the original Montebello Estate owned by Sir Cecil Michaelis, the Forge was commissioned to restore the cast iron gates, the entrance to The Montebello Design Centre, to their former status.

This was the first major public restoration piece. Extensive repairs to the existing gates along with the recasting of certain pieces had to be undertaken. The gate and fence sections had to be disassembled, tagged and damaged sections recast to the original designs. Plaster mouldings and resin casts were used to reshape missing pieces and rebuild sections missing or destroyed. Locks and keys based on the original designs were made to replicate the originals. Layers of paint were meticulously removed to reveal the intricate details of these magnificent gates and then eventually reassembled to their former beauty. Today, the Gates stand as a testimony to the conscious efforts undertaken to maintain and restore the heritage past down to future generations. The project took 8 months to complete.

Restoration Projects

  • The Forge, The Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town, South Africa
  • The Gates, The Montebello design center, Cape Town, South Africa
  • Original Ox wagon, Spier Wine estate, Wine estate, South Africa