Nicolas Lehmann South African German artist, was born in 1970.

He explored the effects of heat and experimented with the possibilities of the age old craft of forging at an early age.

In 1990, Lehmann traveled from Asia to Continental Europe. The purchase of his first air hammer, found in a scrapyard while touring in the United Kingdom, allowed him to kickstart his career of forging.

To finance his art, Lehmann founded “The Forge”, specializing in manufacturing high-end ironmongery using the pure blacksmithing techniques.

Lehmann has worked across the globe on numerous projects from private estates to five star hotels, working hand in hand with foremost architects and designers.

In pursuit of Art, Lehmann started in 1995 with his sculptural work. Inspired by nature, and people, Lehmann has never ceased to forge, twist, and shape forms and figurines. His material medium has varied from recycled steel to experimenting with glass, bronze and wood.

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